Plimsoll Shoes - The 2021 Summer Staple ☀️


Plimsoll Shoes - The 2021 Summer Staple ☀️

What is a Plimsoll?

Plimsolls were originally invented to be used as beachwear in the 1830s by the Liverpool Rubber Company. Plimsolls were initially known as ‘sand shoes’ or ‘beach shoes’ but gained the name Plimsoll in the 1870s. This is because the line where the canvas upper meets rubber sole resembles the plimsoll line on a ship's hull. 

Slip-ons were initially designed with athleticism in mind, so they were designed with a rubber sole and canvas upper. You may remember pumps as those black slip-on shoes that were worn in school physical education lessons. 

Nowadays, plimsolls are a much more desirable and fashionable shoe choice. Most people have a pair of slip-on pumps in their wardrobe as their comfortable staple. A go-to shoe. With so much choice in design, colour and style, they can go with every outfit to suit people of all different styles and tastes.  

Are Plimsolls good for your feet?

You may be asking, why are plimsolls so popular? Well, the simple answer is that they are super versatile! Whether you're going on a country walk, want shoes for the beach, or just want a comfortable shoe to wear around the house, then slip-ons are an excellent wardrobe addition. 

Due to our massive variety of colours across our Plimsoll range, you can pretty much match a pair of our pumps with most outfits, as well as enjoying all-day comfort and quality.


Are Plimsolls Comfortable?

Plimsolls are most often worn as spring and summer shoes. If you're looking for a holiday shoe, or something for that elusive British summer; plimsolls are the way to go. They enjoy a classic summer look, and are perfect for wearing to the beach with swimwear or just walking around in the sun. The canvas is a light breathable material that helps keep your feet cool throughout the day. 

How do you style Plimsolls? 

Plimsolls are versatile shoes that can go with almost any outfit. If you want to style plimsolls in a casual way we suggest matching them with a pair of shorts (when the weather is hot enough!), cuffed jeans or even a floral skirt. 

Maybe you want a more sophisticated look? Neutral coloured pumps can help complete an outfit with a blazer and rolled up jeans, or go with a flowy summer dress. You could even wear them into the office.

Plimsolls can also add that extra something to an outfit for a night on the town! We have a range of sparkly and metallic plimsolls that can add a touch of glamour.


Trending Shoe Colours For SS21

2021 has become the year of bright and bold colours. From magentas to neon greens, this is the year to step out of the house in unique and daring colours. If you want to keep up with the trends, then we have different ranges of plimsolls that will help you keep up with SS21. 

One of the top colours for this year is bubble gum pink. The bold hue comes in a variety of shades, but mostly it's a mix between neon pink and pastel pink. Our best-selling Arnedo plimsolls come in bubblegum pink. The dashing pink is perfect for adding a pop colour to your summer outfits. 

Why not get matching Bubble gum shoes for you and your little one too! Get the pink in kids sizes so you can match this summer. 

If you’re not into pink, you can still go bold. This year is about bright and happy colours, so don't be afraid to get adventurous. Our Baza range offers the trendy tennis ball yellow, another must-have colour for this year. The edging of the shoe has a neon colour, with the main upper design in snake print. Now that's what we call stylish! 

We also have a range of bright and bold kids slip-ons, so they don't miss out on this summer's fashion trends. One of our favourites is the kids Frassy pumps. These shoes have pineapples all over the shoes to a burst of pattern for that summer look. A unique plimsoll that is perfect for fun summer activities. 

Bright coloured plimsolls aren't just for the ladies either! If you're a fan of the bold colours why not look at our bright blue Arnedos. They are just the plimsoll to add summer vibes to your outfit! Comfortable and fashionable, the perfect go-to plimsoll this summer.

Even with this year being all about those bright, bold colour choices, neutral plimsolls are still a must-have summer accessory! The classic grey, blue, black and white plimsolls are a staple colour that won't go out of style. They are reliable, comfortable, and fashionable. 

Style of SS21

Our most favourite addition to our SS21 range is our new Flatform shoe for women. Our newly launched Anabel Flatforms enjoy a bit of height that you would normally find with a pair of heels, yet, with none of the pain! 

These stunning shoes, lengthen your silhouette, while also helping you stay comfortable and stylish. Our Anabel range comes in black, white, and navy.

Another of our favourite Flossy collections is the Eco shoe range! Our Eco plimsolls are made from 100% recycled canvas. You can be stylish, and help keep the planet a little greener too. Yay!