Flossy Kids School Shoes


Flossy Kids School Shoes

It’s time to start making a back to school to-do-list! Getting your kids kitted out for the next year of school will probably include kids school shoes. 

Back to school is a busy time for mums and dads, with lots of stuff to organise and buy, from stationary to school uniforms. All these things add up, making back to school an expensive time of year. On average, parents spend £191 per child on back to school supplies.

Because you’re so busy, we want to make this process a little easier and more cost-effective for you with our range of Flossy shoes!

What is important to look for in kids school shoes?

Kids grow fast, so the most important thing to look for when buying school shoes is comfort and fit. Young children in primary school need effective stimuli to help bones and muscles grow and develop properly. It’s important to remember that kids will be wearing these shoes for six hours a day, five days a week. Uncomfortable shoes cannot only negatively affect healthy development but can also impact learning, as they can be distracting or even painful. 

As well as finding the perfect fit, it’s important to consider other factors, such as if the shoes are scratch-resistant or how easy they are to slip on and off. Kids tear around the playground, that’s why it’s important to think of materials shoes are made of. You want shoes that will resist a few scuffs and stay looking smart throughout the day. Because our plimsolls are made from 100% canvas they are good at resisting scuffs and keep your children looking in tip-top condition.

When is the best time to buy school shoes?

You might be looking to get school shoes before the summer holiday or even the first few weeks. It’s tempting to get it done early and be organised, but kids' feet grow at a rapid rate while they are young. 

If you bought your kid’s school plimsolls at the start of the holidays, there's a chance your children have already grown out of them! The best time to buy shoes is at the end of the holidays, right before terms start. 

Which Shoes Are Suitable For School?

Before buying any school shoes, it’s important to know the schools uniform policies. All schools are different, and some shoes may not be suitable. The majority of schools advise wearing smart, black shoes.

We have a range of slip-on school shoes that are perfect for both during the school day or as PE shoes. A comfortable plimsoll is often the way to go when it comes to school shoes. They help prevent sliding on floors thanks to their rubber soles and offer great support throughout the day.

Here are our top picks for Flossy kids school plimsolls!

Kids Black Pamplona

These are our original slip-on plimsolls! These slip-on shoes are perfect for both everyday schoolwear and for PE. The plain black canvas makes the plimsolls look smart and feel super comfortable. The rounded toe and elasticated fitting give room for growth, so you won’t have to worry about buying new shoes anytime soon! 

The rubber sole on the shoe makes it so your kids can run about without the worry of them slipping and sliding around, especially on those slippery floors in the sports hall. Our plimsoll provides great ankle support so they can run, jump and skip about. 

Kids Black Goloso

Looking for something a bit less plain than our original plimsoll style? Then look no further than our kids Goloso. 

This stylish slip-on shoe has a jute rope sole and lace holes so you can have them with or without laces, giving your kid more choice. The canvas material helps the shoes to stay breathable, perfect for those hot summer days. No more smelly shoes after school! 

Although the Goloso plimsoll has lace holes, your kid will still benefit from slip-on shoes, helping them become more independent in dressing themselves.

Kids Black Astro

Our kids black Astro slip-on plimsolls are the perfect slip-on shoe for those girls who love a summery look. 

These Mary Jane style plimsolls come with an elasticated strap instead of Velcro. There is no worry about them coming undone and slipping off during the day but keep that classic school shoe look. 

These shoes provide ample room for growth, with the rounded toe and elasticated fitting. These shoes are made from 100% canvas, so your kids can tear around without scratching or scuffing their shoes. Keep your kids looking smart and stylish with our Kids Black Astro plimsolls.