About Us



We are Flossy Shoes, a specialist in slip-on plimsolls. The ‘must have’ accessory offering the ultimate comfort with a firm fashion edge.

Flossy is an Ibiza-born, European-bred footwear brand immersed in over 30 years of cultural history. Flossy first originated in the Rioja region of Spain, where each pair is still lovingly handmade to this day. That’s why each ‘family’ of shoe name derives from a town in the region Flossy first originated, to ensure their Spanish legacy lives on. Following fans back to the UK as a must-have fashion essential, Flossy continued to grow into numerous international markets and can now be found in stores from New York to Japan.

Flossy plimsolls were worn initially by bohemians, street artists, and sailing enthusiasts of Barcelona and the Balearic Islands. Popularity snowballed when Flossy gained fame as a staple in Ibiza’s party scene.

Flossy plimsolls are our core product, and all have the original silhouette, that renowned bubble gum smell, and the comfort you can expect from any Flossy product. Now split into four styles, Flossy features classics, fresh, quirky prints, luxurious new fabrics, and finishing touches that are sure to provide a Flossy for any personal style.

Love life...Live a Flossy life!