How do I clean my Flossy Canvas Shoes?


How do I clean my Flossy Canvas Shoes?

How do I clean my Flossy Canvas Shoes?

Cleaning canvas shoes using either the washing machine or hand-washing methods makes them look new or as good as. 

how to clean flossy shoes

Canvas is a strong, heavy fabric, often made of cotton, that can absorb dirt and stains like any other fabric. However, it is resistant to pilling when scrubbed. How much you have worn your Flossy Shoes will depend on when and how you need to clean them. 

Lighter colours that are more fashionable for summer can look more soiled easily and quickly. 

We want you to enjoy your Flossy Shoes for a long time and keep them looking fresh and stylish. To do this, we have gathered information on how best to clean your canvas shoes. For any customers with pairs in leather from some of our older collections, we have also included a small piece on cleaning the leather outer. 

Can I put my Flossy Shoes in the Washing Machine?

Canvas shoes can be washed by hand using detergent or in a washing machine, but they should never be dried in a clothes dryer as the heat can melt the shoe adhesives. It may take up to two days for canvas shoes to air dry fully. 

If the shoes are muddy, rinse off the mud outside, in the garden or a utility sink/ shower before washing to prevent clogging the washer. If the shoes have stubborn stains or are heavily soiled, use a bit of stain remover for clothing such as vanish.  Apply the detergent and work it into the canvas with a soft-bristled brush. Allow the detergent to work for at least 15 minutes to break apart the stain/soiling before adding the shoes to the washing machine.

 how to clean flossy shoeshow to clean flossy shoes

Clean canvas shoes in the normal wash cycle with regular detergent. Use warm or cold water and a lower spin cycle to prevent washer imbalance.

how to clean flossy shoes

Remember, if you put your shoes in the washing machine, try to match the shoe colour to your laundry colour, i.e., white and light shoes, with white and light clothing. Avoid washing shoes on their own.

how to clean flossy shoes

How do I dry my Flossy Shoes after washing them?

After washing canvas shoes, air dry them outside or in a warm place like an airing cupboard. Stuff the toes with paper towels to maintain their shape and replace them for quicker drying.

 how to clean flossy shoes

To keep shoes in good condition, change towels daily and avoid using hot dryers. In winter, if unable to dry shoes outside, place them on a radiator with canvas side down for an hour or two, then store in a dry place to avoid dampness.

how to clean flossy shoes

Can I handwash my Flossy Shoes?

Hand wash canvas shoes with embellishments or rope soles. Spot-clean for quick cleaning. Use a damp cloth or sponge with soapy water for shoes with rope-covered soles or trim. Work in small areas, rinse, and air dry. Avoid submerging shoes in water. Change water frequently and rinse away any residue. Allow to air dry.

For our regular canvas Flossy styles, such as Arnedo & Guadix, depending on how grubby they are, handwashing is equally as effective as washing in the washing machine. Soak them in the sink with detergent and a bit of 'Vanish' or something similar that removes stains, and leave them to soak in warm water for 15-20 mins. 

how to clean flossy shoes

Then brush with a small cleaning brush, with a softer bristle or cloth, rinse off all the residue, try to squeeze as much excess water as possible gently, then hang out to dry (weather depending) or pop in the airing cupboard.

How To Clean Flossy Leather Shoes

Dampen a cloth with plain water and wipe the entire shoe, focusing on seams and dirty areas. Change to a clean section of the fabric as needed. Let the shoes dry for 15 minutes.

Wet a melamine sponge and use it to clean the sole edges only. Avoid using it on the leather parts as it may damage the top layer. Wet a cloth with soap, clean the leather in small sections with a circular motion starting at the toes, then remove scuff marks with baking soda on a damp cloth.

Clean any soapy residue with a damp cloth and let the shoes air-dry away from sunlight. Repeat if necessary.

how to clean flossy leather shoes