Keeping YOU Stylish For Summer


Keeping YOU Stylish For Summer

The new year is nearly upon us, and with the next coming months, comes new stock ready for SS21! And whilst December might not seem the best time of year to purchase summer shoes, here is a list of reasons why you should.

Christmas Gifting - Giving the Gift of Shoes This Christmas

Shoes are an amazing Christmas gift idea. Shoes are the gift that keeps on giving! Practical, functional, and stylish, they can be worn year on year when you purchase high-quality shoes like ours.

We currently have an amazing promotion, buy three pairs of shoes, get the fourth free! Once you go to check out, the cheapest pair will be removed from the total cost, meaning you can buy four great presents for the price of three. Or maybe you just need three presents and a fancy one for yourself? Either way, it’s a winning offer all round!

Summer Shoes - Christmas Gift Ideas

Want a sustainable Christmas this year? Then our shoes are just what you're looking for! Our slip-on, plimsoll style shoes are Eco-Friendly and they are fully recyclable. Once you have worn them out, the waste won't contribute to landfills, unlike other non-recyclable shoes. 

Vintage Design for Spring/Summer 2021

December can be the best time to buy summer shoes, as with the end of the year comes the end of year fashions. So, if you are buying shoes for the following year, you will essentially have styles that are no longer available.

Women's Baza Slip On Plimsoll

Be the envy of friends, family, and colleagues when you are wearing a pair of shoes no longer available to buy! Here at Flossy Shoes, we pride our shoe creations on unique styles and designs, and we want our customers to feel the same.

Getting Ready for the New Year 

As providers of summer/ hot weather shoes that are available to purchase all year round, we cater to the extremities of weather at any point in the year. Most retailers do not bring their summer styles out until the spring which can be an issue for two reasons. Firstly, for anyone off on holiday to find that ‘Winter Sun’, finding summer shoes can be difficult. 

We (Flossy Shoes) first originated in the Rioja region of Spain and so our shoes are made with fun in the sun in mind. Our shoes are perfect for providing comfort and support for long periods of time on your feet, from dancing to walking; our shoes will help you stay on your feet for longer. Our shoes will also keep you cool in hotter countries. We provide different styles and materials to help your feet breathe during long hot periods on your feet. 

Summer Shoes

Secondly, due to changes in climate and the environment, the weather is not always as predictable as its usual seasonal climate has previously dictated. 

Our shoes are so versatile that they can be used in all weather. Our shoes are so comfortable, that you can wear them around the house in winter, and then enjoy them as stylish and breathable shoes in spring and summer. Buying shoes now can benefit you in more ways than you think. 

How do I Know Which Is The Best Style for Me?

Our shoes come in a variety of materials such as Canvas, Faux Suede Fabric, Jersey, and Leather just to name a few. Jersey provides extra comfort with its soft comfortable material, making this perfect as a slipper replacement. Similar to our leather shoes, these are both good in the cold weather as they give your feet extra warmth. 

Our canvas shoes are stylish shoes perfect for the summer. They provide the coverage that sandals don't whilst still giving you lightweight breath-ability for your feet.

Espadrilles and Slip-Ons are often confused as being the same shoe, what with their canvas body and similar shape, however, there is a difference. The difference is in the sole. Espadrilles use jute rope with rubber underneath whereas slip-ons just use a pure rubber sole. 

Arnedo from our slip-on range, suitable for all ages and genders, has a medium-high-side and long tongue. This will help support your feet, legs, and back for those of you on your feet a lot, making these especially good for if you are on holiday doing lots of walking.

Arnedo Women's Slip On Plimsoll Shoes

These slip-on shoes don't cover the whole foot; making them a good shoe for keeping your feet cool while adding support to your ankle. 

Guadix has a high-side and tongue offering more coverage and support. This smart-casual style will help keep your feet from being burnt in the sun and will mean you can stay on your feet for longer. The Guadix is a very smart-looking shoe, and will complement both casual and smart outfits.  

Madrid is a men's shoe with a lower side and tongue, similar to the Mijas slip on style in the women's shoe range.

Madrid Men's Premium Leather Slip On Shoes

They come in premium leather which makes them good for multiple kinds of weather, from hot summers to cooler autumns. Unlike other leather shoes, these benefit from a good elastic stretch, they won't be as tough, keeping them comfortable for you to wear.

Condor, is a women's slip-on, ballerina-espadrille style shoe that has low-sides and no tongue.

Condor Women's Slip On Ballerina Espadrille Shoes

Not only does this style keep your foot open and cool in the hot weather, but also keeps your sole flatter which helps with walking on surfaces such as sand.

Orla slip-on shoes, have average high-sides but with a flat design instead of an incline up the heel, which helps keep your ankles supported. The canvas also keeps the espadrille shoe breathable. In a similar style, the Vendaval slip on style has the same shape but comes in faux suede with holes in. This aids with airflow getting to your feet, making these shoes perfect for the really hot summers and holidays. 

Pamplona, which is a style from the slip-ons in our kid's range, has a good high-side and tongue to help provide support and comfort for kids.

Kids Pamplona Slip On Plimsoll Baby Blue

The slip-on style shoe means that they are easy for kids to get on and off themselves...hurrah! No laces! They also come in a wide range of colours and patterns. Use our unique style to let your kids' personalities shine through.  

Remember our special offer where you get the fourth pair of shoes free once you have purchased three. To start choosing from our wide range of styles and designs, go back to our Flossy Shoes Homepage.